About Us

The primary aim of Little Athletics is to provide a recreational activity for boys and girls aged from 6 to 17 years. Little Athletics develops the basic motor skills of running, jumping, walking and throwing. Developing strength, flexibility, co-ordination and balance provide the basic requirements of all sports. Young athletes have the opportunity to participate, regardless of ability, with an equal opportunity to strive for personal success through the promotion of Personal Best performance (PB's).

The aim of our Centre is to allow children to compete and enjoy themselves in a friendly and supportive environment. Their fun and happiness is the greatest reward for everyone. Every single child is capable of achieving a personal best (PB) and that means that they will all be winners at some stage throughout the year. It is important for each of us to recognise and appreciate a child's endeavour when he or she achieves a PB regardless of where they finish in the event.

Little Athletics is a great unique family sport because the success of the sport relies on the participation of the parents of all children in an officiating role on each day of competition. Being parents we have found the officiating role to be most enjoyable as we have had the opportunity to witness our child's performances, the performances of other athletes and be in a position to offer support and encouragement.