Parental Involvement

Bunbury and District Little Athletics is run by volunteers. The help of ALL PARENTS is needed to make the Club run smoothly. Every parent is an important part of the Little Athletics Community. The assistance from parents is both rewarding and enjoyable, particularly from your child's view point - athletics is a family sport.

Our policy is that at least one parent must be in attendance at the field at all times while their children are competing. This rule has been in place for many years to ensure children are supervised and that enough helpers are available to run a smooth event each week. NOTE: Any child found not to have a parent in attendance will be removed from the day’s competition.

On competition days parents can assist in a variety of ways with little or no experience. You can learn as you go and it’s a lot of fun. Examples of tasks for each competition day are: Age group leading and assisting, recording of results, timekeeping, place judging, measuring jumps and throws, raking, lifting high jump bars, retrieving, etc.

This year we will make your involvement easier by co-ordinating the age groups and training parents to undertake general roles on the day. The more parents that help out, the less work each of you will need to do so please register your intention to assist and we will have a fun and pleasant season.

You are not expected to help EVERY week. If each family helped out once or twice we would have enough volunteers to ensure our program runs smoothly. Please remember, failure to obtain sufficient officials each week places your child and others in jeopardy for competition participation through event cancellation and or unable to take the field to compete.

During the first two weeks of competition, all parents will be shown the process for assisting so that each competition day runs smoothly and to ensure all parents have a chance to be involved. You will be shown how to run each of the activities (events) and also the general tasks for running each competition day such as recording, time keeping, starting, set-up and pack-up.

We will assign age group leaders from the experienced parents who will encourage each athlete’s parents to be involved and will show you what to do if you are unsure. Once you have been shown the process, all parents will be encouraged to more involved with their child’s group.