Registrations will open online on the 1st September.

Uniform and registration pack pick up days will be announced shortly.

All returning members will have the same registration/athlete number. Hopefully you have all remembered to keep yours from last year!

Emails regarding the new season will be coming out in the next few weeks. Please keep an eye out on your emails and Facebook.

We have recently received a letter from the City of Bunbury stating:

"Please be advised that City of Bunbury Staff have recently noticed people using the Athletics arena outside of the times nominated/booked by the only club to hire the arena over winter, BRAC = Seniors.

Any usage at the Athletics Arena needs to be booked in with the City of Bunbury. Training needs to be booked separately with the City as they are not covered by the Little Athletics Club. Coaches (who must be accredited Level 1 or higher with Athletics Australia) do not need to pay each time but they do need to pay a $500 bond for an annual season. Each of their participants/athletes needs to pay the hire charge at either an annual or casual use rate.

The consequence for a coach or participant/athlete being inside the Athletics Arena without warrant or a booking could be faced with trespassing. If people are not able to abide by the rules then we will be forced to change the locks and reign in access. 

An example of this sort of rule/restriction if teaching swimming lessons in the pool at South West Sports Centre. No qualified or unqualified person is able to teach swimming lessons or coach another person inside a swimming pool unless that coach or participant has paid for lane hire. The assumption with coaching/ teaching private lessons is that money will exchange hands for the service provided."

Please be advised that we (BDLAC) does NOT have a booking to use the track at anytime over the winter period. As such BDLAC members are not entitled to use the arena to train over winter unless at events booked by BDLAC. Please let us know if you want or need to use the track. If you or your athletes need to use the track on a regular basis we (BDLAC) need to be notified it must be.

We have been praised by the City of Bunbury for how we look after the multi-million dollar track and I do not want to see this relationship jeopardised.

Little Athletics is a summer sport and as such we have just come to the end of the 2017/18 season. For those interested in registering their child for the first time, registrations open again in SEPTEMBER 2018, with the season running October-March; children must have been born in 2013 or earlier to be eligible to compete.








NOTICE is hereby given that the
Annual General Meeting for the
Inc will be held

ON: 24 March 2018 at 3.00pm

AT: Hay Park Athletics, Track Hay Park, Bunbury.

The Board intends that the AGM will:

1)            Receive the Presidents Report of the Association;

2)            Adopt the new Rules for the Centre;

3)            Report the financial position of the Association;

4)            Elect members to Board of the Association;

5)            Consider any further general business.


All positions with the exception of the President who has a 2 year term must be voted in at this meeting. To nominate for any particular position you can download the nomination form by clicking on this link: BDLAC NOMINATION FORM

A copy of the club's Constitution can be found here: BDLAC CONSTITUTION

Our current club rules can be found here: ASSOCIATION RULES

To discuss matters relevant to the AGM please contact Paul Lever, President at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.